The Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Vegetarian | Should you try the Keto Diet?

It's official! Keto diet is the newest trend in Bollywood. After Tamnay Bhatt, Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and others successfully transforming themselves, the keto diet has become the new trend in India. We Indians are very filmy. We tend to follow the footsteps of our beloved Bollywood celebrities.  From clothing to fitness trends, we want to be like our favourite celebrity. 

Keto diet is the trending low carb diet of the decade in which you restrict your carb intake. It claims to give a rapid weight loss in which 60-70% calories of your diet comes from Fat, 20-30% from protein and rest from carbs which are around 5% or less. Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for our body. When you restrict carb to this extend your body goes in a survival mode. Now your body starts using fat as the primary fuel. The broken-down fat in liver generates ketones, pushing our body to enter into the state of ketosis.

If you are vegetarian and you wanna follow the keto diet, you are probably wondering how you would manage to keep the carb at the bay since the vegetarian diet is loaded with carb. A vegetarian keto diet is definitely doable. After following a non-vegetarian keto diet for a while, I thought let's take another challenge and go vegetarian in the keto diet. Finally, Below is the Indian vegetarian Keto Diet plan for weight loss. At the end of the article, I will also tell my experience and answer the question "should you try the keto diet?"

Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Non vegetarian

Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Breakfast

  • Unsweetened Soy Milk with whey protein isolate
  • Cheese Scrambled paneer made in butter
Soy is a good source of potassium and is fortified with vitamin A, B-12 and D. It has 8 grams of protein and only 2 grams of carbs in serving of 250ml. Whey isolate has lesser carbs as compared to whey concentrate, Here you need to be vigil with carbs. If you want to follow vegetarian keto, you have to fall in love with paneer. It's excellent for keto lifestyle It's high in Fats, moderate in protein and low carb. Paneer is an excellent source of calcium and is fortified with various vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and much needed Iron. Here the serving size is 200 gms of paneer and 250 ml of  Soy milk with one scoop of whey protein Isolate.

Alternatives: -Panner fried in Butter with cheese, Paneer cheese pakora etc

Macro Nutrients for Breakfast | Calories -  660 Kcal

Protein  :- 60 gms 
Carbs    :- 15 gms
Fats       :- 40 gms 

Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Snack 1

  • Mixed berries with nuts
Fruits are a good source of micronutrients which are under-consumed. The nutrients in fruits are vital for health. Berries are rich in antioxidants loaded with many nutrients. Nuts are high in fats and packed with nutrients. Here I m using soaked almonds, any nuts are fine. The serving size here is 25 gms of nuts and 1 cup mixed berries.

Alternatives - Kiwi, peaches, Watermelon, olives and Raspberries.

Macro Nutrients for Snack 1| Calories -  220 Kcal

Protein  :- 6 gms 
Carbs    :- 15 gms
Fats       :- 15 gms 

Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Lunch

Almond Flour Roti
Cheese Soyabean Tikki
Vegetable salad

Here the serving is 2 roti and 5 cheese Soybean Tikki made in butter. This meal is high in Fats and protein. As an Indian lunch is incomplete for me without roti. Almond flour serves one of the best alternatives to wheat flour but it will come with some carbs. You can skip it if you want. Take any veggies of your choice as a salad. Vegetables are rich in fibre and micronutrients that are vital for your body

Alternatives -  Mutter paneer, Soya chaap, Soya nuggets curry, Paneer curry, konjac rice, Paneer Tikki, Paneer Tikka masala, Grilled cheese Paneer etc.

Macro Nutrients for Lunch| Calories -  770 Kcal

Protein  :- 35 gms 
Carbs    :- 22 gms
Fats       :- 60 gms 

Indian Keto Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Snack 2

  • Keto bar
For snack 2, I wanted something easy and fast to munch so I went with the Keto bar. The bar I was using was high in fats moderate in protein and low carbs. There are a variety of options available in the Indian market for keto snacks.

Alternatives - Keto cookie, keto biscuits, Keto bread with nut butter, avocado sandwich

Macro Nutrients for Snack 2| Calories -  220 Kcal

Protein  :- 8 gms 
Carbs    :- 2 gms
Fats       :- 20 gms 

Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Pre-workout

  • Black Coffee
    Before the workout, I generally have black coffee. The caffeine in the black coffee act as a stimulant for the workout and results in better performance in the gym.

    Alternatives  - Green tea, pre-workouts, Keto tea etc

    Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Post-workout

    • Whey in water
    Post-workout is arguably the most important time for the protein. Our body needs protein as it has been a while for the lunch and snack wasn't very high in protein.

    Macro Nutrients for Post-workout | Calories -  110 Kcal

    Protein  :- 25 gms 
    Carbs    :- 0 gms
    Fats       :- 1 gms 

    Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss -Vegetarian | Dinner

    • PaneerTikka made in butter with cheese
    This was my favourite meal of the day. It doesn't even feel at the point of time I was dieting. The goodness of the Indian tikka masala with cheese made it a very absolutely delectable meal of the day.

    Alternatives  - Paneer 65, Paneer Lollipop, Paneer crispy, Malai Paneer etc

    Macro Nutrients for Post-workout | Calories -  520  Kcal

    Protein  :- 30 gms 
    Carbs    :- 10 gms
    Fats       :- 40 gms

    Macro Nutrients for All Meals | Calories -  2335 Kcal

    Protein  :- 170 gms 
    Carbs    :- 60 gms
    Fats       :- 180 gms

    There you have it folks. Here is the Indian keto diet I followed. 63% calories are from the fats, 30% from protein and rest from carbs. 

    Should you try the Keto diet?


    • The keto diet is high in fats, so it helps to deal with the hunger, I found this true to some extend.
    • The keto diet also claim to help with the insulin sensitivity
    • The keto diet always claims to increase the good cholesterol in your body



    When you switch on the keto diet, you might have to deal with this initially.

    Weight loss

    The initial weight loss you experience is actually water loss and besides that, you cannot break the law of thermodynamics you have to be in a caloric deficit and once you come off keto you gain the water weight back. Why would somebody go on such a diet where you have to be so pedantic and it's going to bounce back.

    Losing Electrolytes

    You lose a lot of water and electrolytes. This may lead to cramps which can be uncomfortable at some times

    Difficult to sustain

    You need to overly pedantic with this diet and very vigil. I personally found it suffering to some extend. I need some flexibility in the diet which is difficult here. 

    Low Energy and less pump in the Gym

    This is what I personally felt. There was less motivation in the gym and felt lethargic. 

    Final Words

    There are much easier ways to lose weight. All you need is to be in a caloric deficit. Instead of neglecting the entire food group, you can go for moderate consumption of carbs. If you feel keto is sustainable for you. Go for it by all means but it can cause some health issues in the long run. No diet is beneficial if it compromises your health. So don't lose health with weight. Be smart, follow a sustainable approach to lose weight and lead an active lifestyle. 

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