The GM diet - Fastest way to lose 7 kgs in 7 days | Should you follow the GM Diet plan?

We live in a Fast-paced World. The advent in technology has conditioned us to get faster rewards. We all have become impatient. Some people want everything fast. These exact people fall prey to diet fads which promise to deliver faster results. One such diet fad is the GM diet also known as the General Motors diet. This diet promises to shed up to 7 kgs in 7 days. Each day in the week has a different set of food or food combination. 

GM Diet Plan

The  GM diet plan was known to be designed for the employees of  General Motors in 1985 by the US Department of Agriculture and FDA. However, this was just an urban myth which was debunked later and the inception of  GM diet remains a mystery. The GM diet plan is a week-long diet with each day there are a different set of foods or food combination that needs to be followed religiously. Also, you need to stay hydrated throughout the diet phase.

GM diet plan

GM Diet Plan | Day 1: Fruits

The diet starts with different varieties of fruits. Fruits that have more water content are recommended. Fruits like watermelon, Oranges, muskmelons and berries are recommended.

GM Diet Plan | Day 2: Vegetables

On day 2, only vegetables are permitted without oil. Vegetables can be consumed raw or cooked but without oil. 

GM Diet Plan | Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables

On this day, both fruits and vegetables are allowed. However, there is no restriction on the quantity of the food allowed.

GM Diet Plan | Day 4: Bananas and Milk

Almost halfway through with the diet, bananas and milk in combination or separately can be consumed on this day. 6-8 Bananas are recommended and up to 3 glass of skim milk

GM Diet Plan | Day 5: Meat/Cottage Cheese

Almost there! Now the diet is getting easier. 250 gms of protein-rich foods like fish, chicken or any lean meat. If you are vegetarian, you can swap meat with cottage cheese. You need to add at least 6 tomatoes with the meat on this day

GM Diet Plan | Day 6: Meat/Cottage Cheese

It feels like a normal day, now any form of meat with vegetables are allowed. Vegetarians can include either brown rice and cottage cheese.

GM Diet Plan | Day 7: Vegetables and Fruit Juices

On the final day, you seal the deal with fruit juices, brown rice and vegetables. 

Should you follow the GM Diet plan?

First things first, do you actually lose weight with this diet? The answer is Yes! but it is highly temporary. The GM diet plan has several associated risks. The GM diet does not help to meet daily nutritional requirements. It could lead to major health concerns and deficiencies if followed repeatedly. 

Here are reasons why you should not follow the GM diet

Low calories

It is true that you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight but this diet is extremely low in calories. Your body will go in survival mode and will slow your metabolism. Your energy level will be highly affected. It will do more harm than good. A daily deficit of 10-15% of your caloric intake is recommended for healthy weight loss


The GM diet claims to trigger metabolism and promote fat burning. This is no truth to this, severe caloric restriction causes your body to go in survival mode and slow your metabolism.

Negative Calorie Food

The diet plan focuses on choosing many of  " Negative calorie foods". Foods that need more calorie to digest than it contains. There is no scientific evidence to show any of the food has a negative calorific impact. Food that claims to have negative calories are low-calorie fruits and vegetables


This is my biggest pet peeves when some diet claims to detoxify your body. There is no such thing. Our body organs like kidney, liver, lungs and skin detoxify toxins from our body. No diet can detoxify your body and your body detoxify itself.

Improve Digestion

As you are consuming lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet, you might feel your digestion might improve but too much of good is also bad. Many people who have tried GM diet has reported problem in the digestion and bowel movement due to excess intake of the fibre.

Nutritional Deficiency

As this diet causes you to go in severe caloric restriction, you are likely to be deficient in certain vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals

Weight Regain

It becomes pointless to go on the diet. If you are going to regain the weight anyways. Why would you suffer so much for something which is so temporary?  You will regain back the weight in just 2 weeks. 

The risks associated with the GM Diet has a large list not limited to the above. Dehydration, muscle weakness, muscle loss, fatigue and headaches are some other side effects you are likely to feel in the diet. It is pointless to go on such a diet. If you weight risk and rewards. There is actually no true reward for this diet.

No diet is beneficial if it compromises your health. So don't lose your health with weight. Eat a balanced diet and team it with regular physical activity. Remember at the end it comes down to calories in and calories out. No one can break the law of thermodynamics. Learn to be patient, create a slight caloric deficit in your diet and trust the process. You don't need to follow a diet fad, follow a sustainable approach and make it a lifestyle.

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