The Best Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle in Quarantine

In an attempt to curb the effects of the global pandemic government has extended the lockdown. This entails that gyms or workout studios will continue to remain close until the lockdown period. Being a fitness enthusiast, I can understand how utterly heart-wrenching this is for the gym-goers. The facts that the gyms are closed doesn't mean that your workout regime should suffer, you can still get a good workout at home Pumping iron is not the only way to get a lean physique. You don't need weight kettles or dumbells or bench to get a good workout, the only thing you need is determination towards your goal.

If you are someone who was thinking to follow a fitness regime but couldn't do it for some reason. Here is an upside for you being hunkered at home, now you finally have the chance to focus on your fitness. I think we can all agree that working out at home is sometimes difficult. You need a lot of intrinsic motivation but once you get started, you will get hooked. Unless you are someone who is using this as an excuse to be a couch potato, working out at home is absolutely doable. Since not everyone has access to home gym equipment, I have curated simple bodyweight exercises in this workout plan to make it accessible to everyone. Here is the best workout plan to build muscle in quarantine.

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle in Quarantine

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle | Workout Split

First things first, the workout split. For this workout plan, I  have chosen a simple, enduring and extremely effective workout split - Push-Pull-Legs split. This split is my personal favourite, the reason why it's so effective is that all the related muscle group are trained together that means you get the maximum overlap of movements within the same workout and your muscle group gets trained efficiently.

As the name of the routine suggests the Push-Pull-Legs split involves the upper body push workout where you workout chest, triceps and shoulders together, upper body pull workout which typically focuses on biceps, backs and traps and lower body legs which target on Quads, Hamstrings and
calves muscles.

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle | Training Frequency

I m sharing Push Pull Legs routine for 3 days a week, most of you will argue that this won't be enough but training for 3 days a week is optimal for strength and muscle gain. Training alternate days allows your body to recover and put less stress on our nervous system. Train only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the workout plan and active recovery. Although If you want to work out more frequently you can follow the workout for 3 days take a day off then continue the split.

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle | Exercise Selection

Exercise selection chosen is simple bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight training is when you use your body weight as a form of resistance. Bodyweight training is very effective as bodyweight exercises are compound movements. A compound exercise is a multi-joint movement that works on several muscle groups at the same time. Performing compound exercises are the best way to work out as it burns more calories, stimulate real-world activities, improves coordination and balance.

Depending upon your current fitness level you can adjust the intensity by choosing the right progression. For example, if you can't do a pushup you can start with knee pushups or if you think pushups are too easy, you can switch to weighted pushups. For pullups, you can find anything to hang. Some of the options are pull-ups using a door, pull-ups using a tree or any bar in your home. If pull-ups are too hard for you, focus on pull-ups negatives. For biceps curls, use a stuffed backpack or stone or bottles just any form of weight you can curl

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle | Sets and Repetitions

Determining the perfect number of reps is tricky as this is very specific to the person. Stating a number won't be appropriate. If  I tell you to do 10 pushups and if you could do only 5 in a row then it won't be realistic for you. On the other hand, if you could 20 pushups in a row then I m not challenging you enough. 

The reps I would suggest you follow is amrap which is abbreviated for 'as many reps as possible'. However, if you can perform a very high number of reps then it would be better if you add any form of an external load to the exercise to reduce the reps to15-20. Sets will vary with the exercises you will perform. 

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle | Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is one of the most important aspects of resistance training when it comes to gaining strength. In this workout plan, you need to progressively overload the muscle. This means you need to increase the load over time. With bodyweight training, you can either increase the number of reps or increase the external load. 

Home Workout Plan to Build Muscle 

Push Workout:-

Regular pushups ( 2 sets )
Diamond Pushups ( 2 sets )
Wide stance pushups ( 2 sets )
Floor tricep extension ( 3 sets )
Bench dips ( 3 sets )
Pike pushups ( 3 sets )
Reverse crucifix pushups ( 3 sets )


Regular grip pull-ups ( 2 sets )
Narrow grip pull-ups ( 2 sets )
Wide grip pull-ups ( 2 sets )
Back extensions ( 3 sets )
Under-hand bodyweight rows ( 3 sets )
Bicep curls ( 3 sets )


For legs and abs workout, I want you to perform this following exercises in a circuit with 30 secs rest in between the exercises.

Static lunges ( 20 reps each leg)
Squats ( 20 reps )
Archer squats ( 10 reps on each side )
One-legged hip thrust ( 10 reps each leg )
Bulgarian split squats ( 10 reps each leg )


Curl ups ( 10-15 reps )
Leg raises ( 10-15 reps )
Bicycle crunches ( 10  reps each side )
Russian twists ( 10 reps each side )
Plank push aways ( 10 reps )

Make sure to properly warm-up and stretch before the workout. There is no reason why you can't customize the workout plan. This is a generic plan, you can play with sets, exercise selection or exercise progressions. You can also split the workout even further if you are just a beginner or it's too hard to follow. As long as the basic principles are followed you are good to go. Follow this workout plan to gain some muscle mass while being at home in quarantine. 

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