The Best Home Workout for Weight Loss in Quarantine

The government has further extended the lockdown to flatten the curve of the global pandemic, fretting over the situation is completely normal. The global pandemic has barricaded us at our homes. We are in uncertain times, the only way to get out of this negative situation is by positive actions. In fact, this is the best time to channel the pent up energy to finally lose that extra pound of weight. You don't need a fancy gym or any fancy equipment to lose the extra pound of weight, the only thing you need is a mindful plan that encompasses good food, exercise and good sleep.

This workout plan is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. This is an exercise regimen where intensive anaerobic exercises are done with a less intensive recovery period. HIIT is very effective as it exacting work to rests ratios which makes it arguably the most efficient way to exercise and burn more calories. This is a basic 15-20 mins HIIT workout designed to help you shed off that extra pound revealing slimmer and stronger you. Here is the best home workout for weight loss in quarantine.

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Directions

You need to perform each of the exercises below for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Push yourself hard during the 40 second working time. Perform this entire circuit for 3-4 times for good workout session. Finally, do 5 minutes stretching for the cool down.

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Exercise 1 - High Knees

Home Workout for Weight Loss - High Knees

This is a plyometric exercise, it works on your calves, hamstrings, quads and abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise start with feet hip-distance apart. Lift your right knee as high as possible and raise the opposite arm then switch quickly so that the left knee is up before the right foot lands on the ground. As you are alternating knees, you should do a hopping motion. and make sure you keep your core tight while performing the exercise.

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Exercise 2 - Jumping Jacks

Home Workout for Weight Loss - Jumping jacks

This is a cardiovascular exercise that works engages every large muscle group in your body. To perform this, start with your legs closed together with a slight bend in the knees and hands rested on your thighs. Open your arms and legs to the sides, arms will go above the head and legs wider than the shoulders, now get back to the starting position following the same hopping motion.

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Exercise 3 - Mountain Climber

Home Workout for Weight Loss - Mountain climbers

Another cardiovascular exercise that fires up nearly every muscle in your body. To perform this exercise, start with a regular pushup position, pull your left knee to the chest then quickly switch and pull your right knee. As you are alternating, you should be doing a running motion. Make sure to engage your core and glutes muscles while performing the exercise

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Exercise 4 - Squats

Home Workout for Weight Loss - Squats

Whether you loathe it or love it, there is no better exercise than squats for your lower body. Squats works on all your leg muscles, glutes and abdominal muscles. To perform the squats, stand with feet slightly wider than your shoulders, feets parallel and slightly turned outwards. Sit back and down as you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Lower your body till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keeping your core tight push through your heels to get back to the starting position.

Home Workout for Weight Loss | Exercise 5 - Plank

Home Workout for Weight Loss - Plank

Plank is a core workout staple exercise. This exercise, not just only works on your core but also other muscles like the shoulder, arms and glutes. To execute this exercise, place your forearms aligned below the shoulder and your arm at shoulder-width apart parallel to your body. Place your toes on the ground with legs straight and lower back in line with your body, squeeze your glutes to stabilize your body. Keep your spine and neck neutral throughout the exercise.

Even though this workout looks very simple, it will be every gruelling because of the work-to-rest ratio followed. Always try to listen to your body, if you feel it's too much for you then it will be a good idea to perform fewer sets of these. You can also be creative and change some of the exercises to fit your needs. This workout will help you to slim down and finally dodge those extra pounds of fats you have been carrying. Treat this extended lockdown as a time to restore good health and attain your desired shape. Stay Indoors and Stay Safe.

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