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MuscleBlaze is the most famous Indian sports brand. Being indigenous, it has always catered Indian fitness community. Muscleblaze has a wide range of offerings in the whey protein category, it is very likely you might have found the products offered by MuscleBlaze a bit pricy compared to the other product in the Indian market. Addressing the issue for the people with budget constraints, MuscleBlaze unveils their latest product MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein. This is MuscleBlaze Fuel one whey protein review.

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MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein review | Nutritional Information 

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein review Label

As of now, MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein is offered in two variants chocolate and unflavoured. I picked up the chocolate flavour. As far the nutrition goes, it is approximately same in both the variants. One scoop of this contains 25 gms of protein, 5 gms of carbs and 1.83 gms of fats in the serving size of 33.3 gms which accounts to 136.5 calories. The ingredients list starts with Milk solids (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey powder), Cocoa Powder, Sodium Chloride, Stabilizer (INS415) and  Sweetener (INS 955). Nothing unusual about the ingredients. MuscleBlaze has explicitly mentioned that the product does not contain maltodextrin which is a good thing as the company has considered customers apprehension around the ingredient.

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein | Mixability and Taste

No complaints with the mixability, the product mixes very steadily. As far as the taste is concerned, the taste is not that strong. Undeniably not as good as other premium whey proteins of MuscleBlaze but it's still a delightful treat.

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein | Price 

 MuscleBlaze has claimed to offer the best nutritional value at the best value. This is the most affordable flavoured product in the Indian market. The price offered is very marginal for the flavoured variant but the unflavoured one has almost the same price as the competitors. I would personally recommend going with the flavoured variant as the price difference is not as much.

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein | Dosage   

You should always keep in mind it's just a supplement and it should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The majority of your protein should always come from food. Limit the consumption of the supplement to 1-2 scoops a day. Please consult your doctor or qualified healthcare professional before using this product.

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein | Effectiveness

The effectiveness of any product is actually difficult to ascertain. After using any supplement no one can predict the effectiveness of the supplement  The result you get is not solely based on any single food, there are numbers of factors like your diet, workout, muscular adaptations, training experience and genetics that influence your results

MuscleBlaze Fuel One whey protein | Final Thoughts

MuscleBlaze has promised to give a no-frill, dependable whey protein powder which is not just reliable, it's inexpensive. If you want to up your overall protein intake in your diet without burning a hole in your pocket. Get MuscleBlaze Fuel one whey protein today! You will be glad you did.

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