Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Desi Diet Plan

India has the highest number of vegetarians around the world. 38% of the Indian population are vegetarians. We Indians choose to embrace this lifestyle for numerous reasons from religious to nutritional to simple personal preference. It's very common to hear from the so-called "Gym Bros" that vegetarian diet is not optimal for bodybuilding. They view vegetarian dietary system like it's a problem that needs to be solved. The fact is "Vegetarians can build muscle and strength like meat eaters"

Building muscle on a pure vegetarian diet can get a little tricky if you don't know the science behind it. Below is the Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding.

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Breakfast

  • Whey Protein Lassi
  • 100 gms of oats cooked in milk with raisins with peanut butter

Oats are one of the most nutrition dense grains on earth. It is extremely nutritious packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Oats have many benefits from weight control, reduced risk heart of disease and lower sugar levels. Peanut butter contains a fair amount of fats and protein and is rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium. For lassi use one scoop of whey instead of any sugar, this will take care of your sweet tooth and will give you the most needed protein.

Macronutrients for breakfast | Calories - 407 kcal

Protein  : - 35 gms           
Carbs    : - 29 gms
Fats       : - 17 gms

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Snack 1

  • 1 bowl of fruits along with mixed nuts
Fruits are an important source of many essential nutrients that are under-consumed including potassium, vitamin C and folate. The nutrients in fruits are vital for health and maintenance of the body. Eating fruits every day will boost your health and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Nuts are a good source of fats and protein. Nuts are also rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Macronutrients for Snack 1| Calories - 400 Kcal

Protein  : -  8 gms         
Carbs    : -  42 gms
Fats       : -  20 gms

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Lunch

  • Cooked lentils or pulses or legumes along with 150 gms of cooked rice
  • 1 bowl of homemade subji (Indian style cooked vegetables)
  • 150 gms of curd

Simple Indian lunch, the combination of food used from traditional times and for a good reason. This combination completes the amino acid profile of essential protein, contains myriad of vitamins, minerals and tastes very delicious. Use any homemade subji with less oil. Curd keeps your system cools aids in digestion and helps with stomach problems.

Macronutrients for Lunch | Calories - 400 Kcal

Protein  : -  16 gms           
Carbs    : -   60 gms
Fats       : -   10 gms

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Snack 2

  • Channa chat 
Chickpeas have been used in middle eastern from thousands of years. Chickpeas are high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein makes an excellent replacement for meat for vegetarians. Take boiled chickpeas along the diced boiled potato, chopped onion and tomato, put some chaat masala and mix well.

Macronutrients for Snack 2 | Calories - 200 Kcal

Protein  : -  8 gms         
Carbs    : -  32 gms
Fats       : -  4 gms

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Pre-workout meal

  • 1 cup black coffee
  • 2 medium-sized bananas
Coffee acts as a great stimulant for the workout it increases performance, accelerates fat loss and improves mental focus. A banana before a workout is good as it is easy to digest, powers you up. They are also rich in antioxidants and potassium, a mineral that may help you prevent muscle cramps

Macronutrients for Pre-workout meal | Calories - 234 Kcal

Protein  : - 3 gms         
Carbs    : - 55 gms
Fats       : - 1 gm

 Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Post-workout meal

  • 1 scoop of whey protein in water

Post-workout is arguably the most important tie where your body demands amino acids. During the workout, your muscles get miro-tears and this is one of the best time to consume a whey protein shake

Macronutrients for Post-workout meal | Calories - 130 kcal

Protein  : - 25 gms
Carbs    : - 2 gms
Fats       : - 1 gms

Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding | Dinner

  • Paneer or Tofu bhurji along with 2 Rotis
  • A big bowl of vegetable salad

Paneer is the excellent source of protein for vegetarians not only it tastes good but also it is rich in vitamin B12, potassium, vitamin D, Riboflavin, calcium and phosphorous. Its benefits include from strengthing of bones and teeth, blood sugar regulation and reduced risk of heart disease. Vegetable salad is a good source of antioxidants, fibre and most needed vitamins and minerals.

Macronutrients for Dinner | Calories - 

Protein  : - 30 gms       
Carbs    : -  42 gms
Fats       : -  35 gms

Macronutrients for All Meals| Calories - 2400 Kcal

Protein  : - 125 gms     
Carbs    : -  250 gms
Fats       : -  90gms

This is a simplified "Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilding". This is a 2400 Kcal meal plan you may have to change the quantity of the foods according to your goal. Remember whatever your goal is you need to have a strategic plan. You must have a plan of attack. Exercise and diet go hand in hand and just following only one will lead you to a futile path. Follow this diet with a good workout plan to get the most out of it

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