Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Desi Diet Plan

In India, Bollywood movies have always rendered a great impact on the minds of the young generation. Be it Vidyut Jamwal, Tiger schroff, Farhan Akhtar, they all have given serious fitness goals to all the boys out there. That is why you see more and more boys pumping iron at the gym. Lifting weight is one aspect of bodybuilding, another very important aspect is your diet plan. To be honest, as a teen when I first started working out in the gym, I never cared for my diet and always wondered why I was not getting bigger.

The foods you eat are one of the important things for your gains and you simply can't get bigger if you don't get enough of the right foods. Being an Indian, giving up completely the way we eat is difficult and our eating habits form an important part of us. Good news is that you don't have to completely abandon your lifestyle, you just have to restructure the way you eat. Below is the Indian bodybuilding diet plan.

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Breakfast

  • 100 gms of Daliya cooked in milk with 10 raisins
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 1 scoop of protein shake in milk

Daliya is a great source of complex carbohydrates, fibre and protein. It is also rich in magnesium and other micronutrients. Starting your day with Daliya will kick start your metabolism and keep you energised for the rest of the day. Eggs are another good source of protein and a great source of vitamin D, B6, B12, A, D, E and K. This is a heavy breakfast high in all the three macronutrients to start your day and enrich your body.

Macronutrients  for breakfast | Calories:- 628 kcal

Protein   : - 52 gms
Fats        : - 32 gms
Carbs     : - 35 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Snack 1

  • 1 bowl of fruits along with 10 almonds or walnuts
  • 200 gms of sweet potato

Fruits are the source of essential nutrients that are much needed by our body. Most of us do not or under consume fruits. Fruits are very important and should be part of our daily life. Daily consumption of fruits will reduce the chances of chronic diseases. Walnuts and almonds are packed with nutrients, fibre and a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid. Sweet potatoes are rich in anti-antioxidants, fibre and complex carbs containing an array of vitamins and minerals.

Macronutrients  for Snack 1 | Calories:- 300 kcal

Protein   : - 7 gms
Fats        : - 8 gms
Carbs     : - 60 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Lunch

  • 200 gms of cooked white rice or 2-3 rotis
  • 1 bowl of homemade subji ( Indian style cooked vegetables )
  • 200 gms of chicken breast
  • 150 gms of curd

Any homemade subji available at home along with rice or rotis will work. Chicken breast is high in protein, low in fats and has no carbs and very low glycemic index. Curd has a number of health and nutritional benefits. It keeps your system cool, aids in digestion and helps with stomach problems

Macronutrients  for Lunch | Calories:- 655 kcal

Protein   : - 72 gms
Fats        : - 15 gms
Carbs     : - 54 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Snack 2

  • 2 slices of brown bread along with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter spread and 1 banana

This is a very simple and easy to prepare snack. Peanut butter is a fairly balanced food with a good amount of fats and some protein. Bananas are a good source of carbs and micronutrients like potassium and manganese. Most importantly it makes the snack taste good.

Macronutrients  for Snack 2| Calories:- 389 kcal

Protein   : - 10 gms
Fats        : -  9 gms
Carbs     : - 68 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Pre-workout meal

  • Banana coffee Milkshake 

This is a pre-workout meal, Coffee acts a great stimulant for the workout and banana shake will provide simple carbs which will keep you energized throughout the workout. 

Macronutrients  for Pre-Workout Meal | Calories:- 389 kcal

Protein   : - 5 gms
Fats        : - 5 gms
Carbs     : - 42 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Post-workout meal

  • 1 scoop of whey in milk or 6 - 8 egg whites

Post-workout is arguably the most important time where your body demands amino acids. During the workout, your muscle gets micro-tears and this is one of the best time to consume a whey protein shake.

Macronutrients  for Post-Workout Meal | Calories:- 389 kcal

Protein   : - 25 gms
Fats        : - 1 gms
Carbs     : - 2 gms

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan | Dinner

  • 150 gms of cooked white rice
  • 1 bowl of any lentils / pulses / legumes
  • 1 bowl of vegetable salad 

Lentils/pulses/legumes are a good source of fibre, carbs and protein. They are also packed with many essential micro-nutrients. A vegetable salad is necessary to have with dinner as it will aid in the digestion and also provide you with essential nutrients.

Macronutrients  for Dinner | Calories:- 319 kcal

Protein   : - 13 gms
Fats        : - 3 gms
Carbs     : - 60 gms

Macronutrients  for All Meals | Calories:- 2700 kcal

Protein   : - 180 gms
Fats        : - 75 gms
Carbs     : - 325 gms

This is a desi Indian bodybuilding diet plan, the plan is kept simple and is suitable for every fitness goal while following an Indian diet. This is a 2700 Kcal Indian bodybuilding diet plan, the quantity may or may not be right for you. I encourage you to alter the quantity as per your calorie requirements and fitness goals. You can use any calorie calculator online to calculate your daily calorie intake. Follow this diet for at least 12 weeks with an intense workout to get some serious results.

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  1. Human cannot digest 52 gm or 70 gm protein in 1 meal

    1. Not all the protein you eat get absorbs at once, the small intestines are able to absorb and hold onto a large amount of amino acids; waiting to release them until the body needs them, and can recycle some amino acids.

      Also,Research done on Intermittent Fasting supports the theory that your body can cope with far more protein than most people think, with two studies showing that the consumption of an average of 80-100g of protein in 4 hours yielded no differences in lean mass

  2. Hello bro.. Can you help me with OMAD meal with low carbs(50g), high fat, high fiber, moderate protein.(total kcal- around 1500)
    Thank you ☺