Nakpro whey protein review | Cheapest Whey Protein in India

If you are a gym goer, you probably know this WHEY protein is the god of all protein supplements. Every athlete, celebrity or fitness model you know is taking whey protein. It is the most popular protein supplement and for a good reason, it is fast absorbing and a high-quality protein. Whey protein supplements from renowned brands are very expensive. Getting protein supplements every month does not suit everyone's pocket.

Whey protein is usually expensive due to numerous reasons like popularity, added ingredients and flavours or import taxes. We Indians are very picky, we want the best in the cheapest price available. One such good option in whey protein is Nakpro whey gold by Nakrpo This article is Nakro whey protein review.

Nakpro whey protein review - container

Nakpro whey protein review | Is Raw Whey protein Safe?

Before this Nakrpo whey protein review, I want you guys to understand raw protein is absolutely safe if you can digest milk, you can digest raw whey protein by all means. Only people who are lactose intolerant or have digestion issues, in general, will fill find difficulty in digesting the Raw whey protein 

Nakpro whey protein review | Nutritional Information

Nakpro whey gold has the only ingredient which is insanitized whey protein, no fillers and additives added which is good in my opinion. The lesser ingredient the better it is. In the scoop of 30 gms, it offers 24 gms of protein with a negligible amount of fats and carbs which is very normal for any whey protein. Nakpro whey gold contains 5.46gms Bcaa's and 11.34 gm EAA's in each serving. Do not get overwhelmed with this any whey protein will have BBAA's and EAA's in it, it's just a marketing strategy to lure.

Nakpro whey protein review | Mixability and Taste

The powder of the supplement is quite fine, it looks more or less like high-quality milk powder. The Mixability is good, there were no lumps after mixing and about the taste,  it tastes like a pale milk powder as it has no added flavours. You can add choco powder if you cannot deal with the taste. There is nothing more you can expect in terms of taste at this price

Nakpro whey protein review | Cost

Nakpro whey gold is the cheapest whey protein available in the market it cost around 1000 Rs per kg which is very cheap. How come it is so cheap ?? Actually, Raw whey is cheap when produced in bulk, some companies sell it for more profit some sell it for less, also there is a cost incurred in the fillers and additives. so, the flavoured whey protein is generally expensive.

Nakpro whey protein review | Effectiveness

The effectiveness of any product is actually difficult to determine. After using any supplement no one can predict the effectiveness of the supplement  The result you get is not solely based on any single food, there are numbers of factors like your diet, workout, muscular adaptations, training experience and genetics that influence your results

Nakpro whey protein review | Dosage

You should always keep in mind it's just a supplement and it should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The majority of your protein should always come from food. Limit the consumption of the supplement to 1-2 scoops a day

Nakpro whey protein review | Final Thoughts

Nakro whey gold is insanely cheap and offers a decent product. If you are someone with digestive issues or lactose intolerant this deal is not for you but if you can digest anything with no issues you can go for this product by all means. If you don't have an issue with taste and want a product that is truly value for money and easy on your wallet, this is definitely a good pick.

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