Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | The best Soy Protein in India

If you are a guy who is serious about building a rock hard solid physique, you are already aware of the fact that you need more protein and thanks to our Indian diet, getting an adequate amount of protein is very difficult from our diet. This is when we turn to protein shakes. The most popular protein shake among the gym goers is Whey protein however it is very probable that you might find whey protein expensive and not affordable. The next best alternate of whey protein shakes is soy protein, it is cheaper, equally effective and less chance of being forged like whey protein powders in India. One such protein powder in India is Protein Scoop Soy Pro by Protein scoop and this article is about Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review.

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review,  Soy Protein in India - Container

How good is Soy protein and Is it safe?

Before starting Protein scoop soy pro review, I want to let you guys know that scientific research has shown soy protein is equally effective as animal protein on gains in muscle mass and strength in response to resistance training. Also, I m sure many of you still believe that soy raises estrogen level in men, it's a myth get over it. Studies have already debunked that myth long back.

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Nutritional Information

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review, Soy Protein in India - Nutritional Facts

Protein scoop soy pro offers a very decent protein in a scoop nearly 83 %, one scoop of 35gms offers 29 gms of protein, 132 kcal and negligible carbs and fats. Ingredients include Instentized Soy Protein Isolate, Fibrillin, Digestive Enzymes, Sucralose which is artificial sweetener, Xanthum gum which is thickening agent and Nature identical flavours which is very normal for any flavoured supplement. The amino acid profile of this supplement is also decent.

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Mixability and Taste

Mixability of the protein shake is decent not the best, it takes little longer to mix but  I did not find any lumps after it was mixed. The Protein scoop soy pro comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavour. The taste is a downside of this supplement, it tastes a little pale. Chocolate is better than another variant in my experience. If you are not fond of flavours it's actually not that bad in taste.

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Cost

The cost of 1kg of protein scoop soy pro comes around Rs 1000 which is cheap compared to any whey protein. In my opinion, it is value for money and even cheaper than other soy products in the Indian market.

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Effectiveness

There is no doubt that soy protein is equally effective as any animal protein. After using any supplement no one can predict the effectiveness of the supplement  The result you get is not solely based on any single food, there are numbers of factors like your diet, workout, muscular adaptations, training experience and genetics that influence your results

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Dosage

You should always keep in mind it's just a supplement and it should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The majority of your protein should always come from food. Limit the consumption of the supplement to 1-2 scoops a day

Protein Scoop Soy Pro Review | Final Thoughts

Protein scoop soy pro is a vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free supplement. If you are lactose intolerant then this is the game-changer for you. When compared to a good whey protein supplement, it is slow digesting, slow mixing and have a pale taste. It is ideal to take the supplement at night since it is slowly absorbing. If you are someone like me who do not want to spend more money on expensive supplements or someone with a tight budget then this is a good pick.

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