Food you think are healthy, but aren't

Everybody is trying to eat healthier these days but what if some of the foods you think were healthy are actually unhealthy. If you tried being healthy eating these foods be ready to get surprised. In this article, I m going to share some of the foods that are advertised in a certain way to make you believe are healthy but are not.

Digestive biscuits

Digestive biscuits or oats biscuits or any biscuits that are advertised to be healthy by smart marketers are not as healthy as they propose to be. These biscuits are typically made from sugar, refined flour, sodium and dried skimmed milk which are not healthy for your body. Moreover, these are filled with taste enhancers chemicals and ingredients to make them sustains for days thus making it more unhealthy for you.

Packaged Juices

I know this might come to you as a shock but yes those real fruit juices or any packaged juice are worst for you. These packages are loaded with sugar even more than soda cans. These juices are loaded with artificial sweeteners or flavours and preservatives. Also, not to forget the low fibre content that spikes the insulin level which is also not good for your overall health.

Corn Flakes

I m sure just like me most of you guys would have tried eating corn flakes as breakfast at some moment of your life. We have been duped to believe that corn flakes are healthy. If you look at the nutrition label, you will find it has no fibre and apart from all types of artificial flavours it contains high fructose corn syrup which is nothing but another form of sugar and we cannot agree more on why sugar is unhealthy for you.

Masala or Flavoured Oats 

Whenever you hear oats you associate it with being healthy, but that is not the case with masala oats. Unlike plain oats, these are filled with artificial flavours and many undesirable ingredients for your body. One such ingredient is Maltodextrin which is a cheap additive that is added to the food to increase its shelf life, which adds no nutritional value to food and also spikes your blood sugar level.

Brown Bread 

You might be wondering why brown bread is on the list. Isn't it made of whole wheat? Well, ideally it should be but if you check the nutrition label you will find that the major ingredient still is the refined flour. These bread are market to be whole grain bread. Just because bread looks brown doesn't mean its whole grain. They can be refined white bread with additives to make them look brown.

Here are some of the food you might have thought were healthy but aren't. So be mindful of what you are eating, always remember to check the ingredient label, the lesser the ingredient the better.

Be Mindful, Be Aware and Stay Healthy

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