Top 5 tips to gain weight in a Healthy Way

If you are a skinny person and have tried to gain weight, you probably know that gaining weight as a skinny person is not easy, it is frustrating to eat a lot but still not gain weight. One thing that you might have heard millions of times from the people that you have a fast metabolism which makes it hard for you to gain weight and for most of you this holds true. A fast metabolism means that your body burns all the calories you eat. You have to eat a lot more than your metabolism can handle to gain weight.

Everyone in the fitness industry seems to be obsessed with losing weight and problems associated with being overweight, which makes hard for you to figure out how to gain weight. Probably you are skinny due to lack of knowledge of what it takes to gain weight. Gaining weight is easy if you commit to a plan and stick with it.

Here are the top 5 tips that will help you gain weight with ease.

1. Stay Motivated!

The biggest reason why you do not gain weight as a skinny person is that you limit believe. You believe that you have bad genetics and fast metabolism and you will be skinny for the rest of your life. The key to gain weight is that you have to mentalise yourself and believe that this time you are going to achieve your goal to gain weight. Your whole plan to gain weight starts in your head, as soon as thought is planted it grows and develop into reality and put you in action.

2. Change your diet.

The number one tip that you get all the time from people around you is to eat more food to gain weight and I m not denying the fact that you have to eat more to gain weight but the only problem I see in this approach is they do not tell you what to eat. You cannot just eat anything to gain weight.
Of course, that will help to gain some weight but it can damage your health. Being mindful of what you eat is very important. We need healthy foods to built up a strong body, think productively and sustain optimal health. Quality over quantity, eat more caloric and nutrient dense food to gain weight optimally.

3. Eat more frequently

The overall food you eat throughout the day matters more than meal frequency but it is easier to eat more food in 5 meals than in 3 meals. Create yourself a bigger eating-window and plan your meals. Always carry a healthy snack, eating healthy snacks like peanut butter with bread, nuts or cheese sandwich will help you reach your calorie goal easily.

4. Track your progress.

Tracking calories in each in every food you eat is very tedious and involves some maths and I know like me, most of you just hate doing MATHS, Tracking your progress just does not mean that you have to track calories. one simple thing that you can do to check how you are progressing is weigh yourself every week. Continue eating the same if you gain weight. If you do not gain weight, you will have to add more food to your daily intake every week until you start to gain weight.

5. Do weight training

Lifting weights is good for people trying to gain weight since it triggers the body to built muscle mass. If you do not train, the excess calories that do not burn will be stored as fat around your waistline. Your goal is to become muscular and not chubby.

At the end of all, I would like you guys to remember gaining weight is not difficult, it just takes time and consistency is the key to long term success. The people who achieve their goal are simply the ones who refuse to give up and put in the work.

Set a goal, commit a plan, stick to it and you will achieve your goal in no time!

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