6 Powerful Keys to lose weight | Simple and Effective

Weight loss endeavour can be tricky with all the information out there especially with the differing information contingent on your fitness level, gender, lifestyle and everything in between. Weight loss can be a tough subject for some of you because you might have tried so many diets, failed and left unmotivated. Losing weight doesn't have to be hard, restricted and painful. Losing weight can actually be fun and easy. Here are some powerful keys if addressed, will help you to lose weight with ease.


Let's get the obvious one out of our way first. I think we all cannot agree more on how exercise helps us to lose weight. This can be anything from lifting weights, cardio or simple bodyweight exercise at home or simply moving your body. Exercise burns calories which in turn will contribute to your weight loss goal.

2. Eat High Fibre Foods

Eating high fibre foods helps you to lose weight. High fibre foods fill your stomach, have fewer calories and help in digestion. Fibre acts as an absorbent, it is not digested in the cavity of the stomach but absorbs toxins that are easily eliminated from the body in a natural way. Eating high fibre foods makes you feel satiated thus prevents overeating. This includes whole grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Peas, pulses, beans and many more.

3. Always Eat Breakfast

If you miss your breakfast, your brain creates an urges to eat high-calorie unhealthy food. Breakfast specifically helps to keeps your blood sugar and hormone levels normal and give your metabolism a boost to burn more calories throughout the day

4. Eat Healthy Fats

It sounds reasonable to avoid fats while you are trying to lose weight but in reality, the situation is entirely different. Eating fats can actually help to lose weight. Healthy fats digest more slowly than proteins and carbs which means if eat them you will not be hungry for a longer time. This includes foods like avocados, coconuts, seeds and nuts.

5. Eat Raw Fruits and Veggies before meals.

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods. They are high in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Eating vegetables and fruits before your meals help you in digestion and will keep you feel fuller. Eating something raw before your meal will help you against overeating. This could be a simple salad before lunch and dinner or simple fruits before breakfast.

6.Drink lots of water

Water is life. When we don't drink enough our body tends to retain water. Most of us are carrying excess water weight. Drinking enough water will help to eliminate excess liquids from our body and help to lose weight. Drinking water before a meal makes you feel full and therefore reduce your food intake as it acts as an appetite suppressant

Remember losing weight is about creating healthier habits, it's not a diet, it's just little changes you can make every single day that get you results in the longer run.

Here are some of the keys to losing weight. Give these a try and see for yourself..!

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