How to lose belly FAT | Get a flat stomach

One of the number one goals that people have when it comes to fitness is to get a flat stomach. There are lots of myths and misconception about how to go about doing. The biggest mistake that you will typically see people make when they are trying to do this is trying to crunch the stomach in the place,  do leg raises and at the end of it all, they still do not have the flat stomach. In the article, I m going to tell you the right and effective way by which you can lose belly fat.


The thing is we all want shortcuts, shortcuts in gaining places, shortcuts in gaining money, shortcut in success and of course shortcut in losing belly fat. If you search on google about shortcuts to losing belly fat, you will see a bunch of videos telling you how to do that. In fact, they all seem to promise you some super awesome secrets that will flatten your stomach as quickly as overnight. The astounding popularity of the videos makes the viewers believe that the creator who probably himself have flat stomach got it from their secret shortcuts. Things like special drinks that directly burn fats from the belly to wraps thus creating nothing but only expectation bias to the viewers.

Spot Reduction

The underlying concept on which the creator relies on making people believe in their shortcuts is Spot reduction. Spot reduction refers to the claim that fat can be targeted for reduction from a specific area of the body through the exercise of specific muscles in the desired area. The concept of spot reduction is so tempting that people want to believe it is TRUE


I know this might come as a heartbreak to you guys but spot reduction is not a real thing. The truth is spot reduction is among the biggest MYTH across the fitness industry. It is used to make most out of the gullible audience

My interest is not to debunk so-called shortcuts as there are just too many but instead provide you with something which truthfully gets you a flat stomach without all the Gimmicks. Unfortunately, it is not a big shortcut.

Things that you can actually do.!

I think we can all agree that getting a flat belly comes down to lose weight and burn fat. whether you agree or not, the fact is the most correlated item to weight management is total daily calorie expenditure. In simple terms, the best method of losing belly fat is to EAT LESS and MOVE MORE. More specifically eat fewer calories than you burn. In my previous article, I have briefly explained how calories effect your weight.

How you can start

Many people want to lose weight now, but the reality is that will not give you long lasting results. Remember that the decisions and actions that you take today will determine your future and goals. What you need to do is make small changes daily that will in turn, become part of you and become habits Be realistic, don't overwhelm yourself and just start with small things.

Some options I recommend are 

  1. Start your day with lemon water, it is a great source of vitamin C and also helps to  alkalize our body 
  2. Eat more amount of Raw fruits and vegetables, they are high in water content, fibre, minerals, vitamins and also they are much lower in calories.
  3. Stay active, doing any activity that you like, go for a morning walk, skipping or anything you find fun doing.
Lastly, I will like to say that Stay positive. Instead of looking at losing weight as a problem, see it as an opportunity to help you have a healthier lifestyle. Making small changes will eventually become part of your lifestyle.

Start your journey today for better tomorrow..!

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