How to gain weight | The Right Way

Weight gaining can be as painful as weight loss. Having a lower weight can be just as bad as being fat. As popular as weight loss articles are, let's look at the other side of the scale. The notion of gaining weight has escaped the grasp of many naturally skinny individuals. It seems no matter what they do, they are unable to put on even the slight of the extra mass. Even some supposed fitness gurus are saying that there is no way you can gain weight because of your GENETICS. Fortunately, such a blatant claim is blatantly FALSE. Undoubtedly, there are genetics differences to each person's body, BUT baring any diseases, anyone can put on not only mass but also huge amounts of muscles.
Fundamentally gaining weight comes down to 2 things, eating an appropriate amount of food and proper workout plan. The righteous way to gain weight is to determine a perfect balance between this fundamentals and this is done by understanding certain factors. let's understand this factors one by one.


Nothing can ever escape the laws of thermodynamics, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be converted from one form to another". This implies, to gain weight one must consume more calories than one burn. Calories can be used as a direct measurement of how much food we take in or how much we gain or lose weight. Eat more than enough and the body stores the excess away and you gain weight.

Increasing Gradually!

Increasing calorie intake is the name of the game. You probably must have heard people and fitness dudes saying that just eat more, increase the food by double and you gain weight in no time. This might sound correct and yet it doesn't always work. Understand that your body has adapted to a certain amount of food. The human body is highly adaptable meaning our bodies do not like change. when there is a change, there is resistance and what greater change will be than just doubling the amount of food you eat. Knowing this, the proper approach is to change things gradually. If you drink half a glass of milk, drink three-quarters of milk, if you eat 3 slices of bread, eat 4 slices. Its all about small changes now, adding up to huge changes later.

The Right Food.

With this information does that mean you can consume all junk foods to gain weight, Probably not! Food types matter too, more calories and nutrient-rich foods such as fruits nuts, seeds and whole grains would be a great idea. More protein rich foods along with healthy fats and moderate carbohydrates. If all this fails, supplements can help. Go for high protein and fats supplements, most supplements are in sugar which makes you gain weight but not in the healthiest way.


If you want to gain quality weight, one half is food the other half is exercise. Whether it is weight training or callisthenics, your workout regime should contain higher volume and you should be following the principle of progressive overload meaning you should try to gradually increase the weights or reps with time.

Lastly, I want you guys to Stay Motivated! Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to gain weight rightly. Try experimenting with your foods and workouts, Find a way that suits you the most, Remember gaining quality weight takes times so, stay patient and you will start seeing changes in your body.

Be consistent with your goal and nothing will be impossible for you to achieve!

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